Storytowns Podcast app branding and social media strategy

Storytowns is a geo-located storytelling podcast app; Storytowns takes listeners on a journey through regional Australian towns. Working with councils and tourism groups to create multi-episode podcasts promoting the people, places and faces that make their region unique, the Storytowns app is genuinely one of a kind.

Why Storytowns chose Wildlime

The Storytowns CEO at the time reached out to Wildlime Marketing to pitch for a three-month contract to develop a comprehensive brand strategy and marketing collateral to help their clients promote their podcasts. At two initial meetings with the CEO and the founder, Wildlime Marketing demonstrated our understanding of their needs, challenges and how we could help them grow.

Storytowns challenges

Challenge 1: Rapid initial growth, requiring marketing collateral and strategy support for their clients. As a small startup experiencing early success, Storytowns needed help working through marketing and client support elements to focus on what they do best – create great podcasts.

Challenge 2: Minimal brand direction. The Storytowns CEO knew a solid brand direction and usage guidelines were critical to long-term success. Growing quickly in a short amount of time meant that while Storytowns had a clear mission and purpose, how this translated to and informed their brand needed work.

Challenge 3: Tight operating budgets and timelines to work within. As with most startups, budgets were small, and timelines were short, so they needed a partner who understood this and could make the most of it.

What Wildlime Marketing did

Wildlime Marketing was excited to help this innovative app and concept continue to grow. The team quickly developed social media, branding and creative guidelines, strategy documents and marketing kits to share with Storytowns clients.

Set up for ongoing success

Wildlime Marketing delivered a full suite of templated marketing collateral Storytowns can use with future clients to help promote their podcasts. This value-added support makes it easy for councils and tourism bodies to make the most of their content and promote it across online and offline channels. Armed with the templates and a comprehensive brand and social media strategy, the Storytowns team was ready to keep kicking goals.

Storytowns social media creative

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